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Pia Haddad is a fellow human, creative producer and storyteller. Having lived between  France, Lebanon, the UK and the US; identity, and perhaps rising beyond the perceived notion of it, is at the core of the work she does. Her journey spans across countries and industries. From archaeology, to business and the corporate world, to finding her voice through acting and finally bringing it all together as a creative producer.


Pia started 3rd Kulture Kids (3K² Productions) in 2013 in NYC as one of the first intersectional theatre companies, breaking stereotypes and giving a voice to multicultural artists. She has also been working as an independent freelance producer. She is very grateful to have been named one of Theatre Communications Group (TCG)’s Rising Leader of Color 2018. She has recently graduated from the Documentary Filmmaking Certificate course at the London Film Academy and has a few projects in the pipeline.


Pia is very interested in ancient mysteries and how it can help us redefine our history, as well as using mixed mediums to elevate a story. She believes that nothing in life is gratuitous and that the most tortuous paths often lead you to your north star.

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