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written and performed by hope salas

★★★★★ "Captivating... unquestionably earns every one of the five stars we're giving it." -- Opplaud


"Mesmerizing...masterful...heart-wrenching...intense." -- Theater Pizzaz


 "It’s mind-blowing magic." -- Front Row Center


Show-Score: 85

hope - (v) \ˈhōp\ - to want something to happen or be true

Hope is the story of three women: Rose, a prostitute in the 1950's; Alice, a spirited, yet haunted wife and mother; and Hope, an Irish-Mexican storyteller who examines the fragments of her life in order to understand how she has survived and how she will thrive in the second half of her life. It is a darkly comic play about women's voices and women's choices; addiction and abuse; healing and survival. It is about HOPE.


HOPE was performed September 22 - October 13, 2018 at The Wild Project, NYC.

Director: Erika Latta


Producer: Hope Salas

Co-Producer: Pia Haddad

Executive Producers: Richard Moon and Nat Dershowitz

Co-Executive Producers: Jennifer Plante-Johnson, Tisha Johnson, Denise Simpers


Creative Team:

Dramaturg: Edwin Sanchez


Set & Costume Design: Marsha Ginsberg

Lighting Design: Yuki Nakase

Sound Design and Original Music: Yiannis Christofides

Video Design: Gil Sperling

Stage Manager: Darielle Shandler

ASM: Bryan Russell

Video Operator: Andrew Murdoch

Technical Director: Alex Gurevich

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