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 3K² Productions (formerly 3rd Kulture Kids) launched in April 8th 2013 with the In Transit reading series introducing three new plays. 

The series started with Fake Chinaman in Rehab, by Daniel York, directed by Ron Nakahara and featuring Tina Chilip, Hansel Tan, James Rana, Abby Royle and Sheldon Best.


Mixed race Chinese siblings Andy and Tina take heroin in a provincial town.. Andy tentatively falls in love with Haley, a sinophile Beijing Opera performer. But he is a “fake Chinaman”. Who takes heroin...Another time, another place, Andy and his friend Buzz struggle to get to grips with The Twelve Steps of Recovery. A funny and moving tale about love, loss and how it feels to be culturally ambiguous.



The Derry Slope Off by Jack Gilhooley (15th of April) was directed by Blake Walton. Featuring: Tamara Flannagan, Jamie Heinlein, Molly Model, Hannah Pascoe, Karin de la Penha and Scott Raker.

In the wake of Northern Ireland’s 1972 “Bloody Sunday” – young IRA activist Deirdre Lynch “sloped off” to America. She lived a respectable life, raising four children. But after 40 years, her past has come back to haunt her as well as her family.

And last but not least Holy Land by Mohamed Kacimi, translated by Chantal Bilodeau (22nd of April) was directed by Tracy Cameron Francis. Featuring Leila Buck, Pia Haddad, Laith Nakli, James Sayess and Marshall Taylor Thurman.


A city under siege. The landscape is white, dusty and devastated. A dark and humorous story of 5 characters hanging on to the banality of day-to-day life, at times to the point of insanity, as a way to transcend the atrocities of war.

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